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The People Development Team's coaching interventions enable the coachee to reflect on their own unconscious bias and the impact it can have on their leadership, decision making and the culture in which they work.

Coaching can take varying forms and will ultimately support an individual to increase their self-awareness and understanding of both their potential bias and its origins, whilst providing them with the tools and strategies for managing biases effectively.  The result is a strengthened inclusive working style that models inclusive behaviours to other employees, assisting in you achieving  the tipping point of awareness/inclusivity within your organisation.

Expectations of a coaching Intervention

Each coachee will be offered a choice of coaches to ensure a rapport that will serve as the basis to partnership required to form the ideal coach and coachee relationship.

Inclusion coaching serves to increase awareness around unconscious bias and its impacts on the relevant areas of the business. It explores the coaches own biases and micro-behaviours and their importance in leadership, performance, management and talent retention. For those that are comfortable challenging themselves, their biases and their schemas, coaching can explore the background to individual biases and provide cognitive and behavioural tools to reduce their existence and effects.

Each coaching intervention can be tailored both to the organisation and the individual, setting clear objectives in advance.   Standard sessions are ninety minutes in length and are typically employed in clusters of three.  Coaching can be delivered by a number of different methods; we have coaches across the globe that deliver coaching face to face, via the telephone or using internet enabled platforms.

Our Coaches

All The People Development Team’s coaches share the vision that bias is absolutely normal and merely a result of individual experiences. Our coaches are diverse both in their backgrounds and their methods from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming to Transactional Analysis. Many are psychologists in the area of Inclusion as well as behaviour, culture change and strategic leadership and management, thus enabling the sensitive and personalised approached required for addressing unconscious bias.

We offer complimentary chemistry calls and all of our coaching may be delivered face-to-face, virtually or via a combination of both

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