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Complimentary 2 hour Unconscious Bias Session in South Africa

Due to recent investigation, our work in South Africa seems more needed than ever.

The route from Transformation to Inclusion is a challenging one, and can be full of rules and numbers. We recently ran one of our Unconscious Bias programmes with a group of senior leaders; one of whom came to us afterwards with the comment that our approach puts leadership back into the whole agenda and stops it being simply about numbers.

This work is definitely the springboard that moves us forward to not simply embracing Diversity for the sake of it, but to really shift thinking towards Inclusion. For a small group of your South African decision makers (up to 8) who would like to discover more, we are happy to run a two-hour complimentary session for you.

‘VIVE!’ is our flagship programme and enables inclusive leadership with groups of your choice. For all-female groups it offers a deep look at who they are and the underlying stories that may be holding them back. We explore the impact they create on the outside and bring these two elements together to build sustained confidence.

For mixed-gender groups it builds understanding and appreciation on both sides. Specifically designed to drive thinking and cultural change in organisations where women still feel unequal and where their talent is not being harnessed fully. Our South African teams bring great local knowledge and understanding to an international programme that has received great praise across finance, technology and even creative organisations.

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