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Why should anyone follow you?

Leaders have followers. But what are you doing to inspire others to follow you? Would you follow you? If you have a serious intent to develop yourself as a leader, we can help you through a programme of workshops underpinned by our VIVE!© model, which represents the four areas in our experience that create a powerful and authentic leadership image: Vulnerability, Intuition, Variation and Energy.

VIVE! is based on our work in coaching, training and observing leaders in over twenty countries. The core aspects of effective leadership, captured in the VIVE! model transcends national boundaries.

How does VIVE! work?

Workshop and programme design is completely flexible, allowing you to choose from a 1 day taster, or a 2, 3 or 4 day programme based on a selection from the following components:

  • Self-knowledge - Your leadership journey so far
  • Leadership branding - Manifesting the you
  • People focus - "Making it happen"

You could also include an additional, optional element:

  • Business impact - transferring the energy to the organisation

The VIVE! Leadership model is an excellent basis for leadership conferences, motivational events and keynote addresses and we have used it in a wide variety of organisations with great success.

Is VIVE! a pure leadership programme?

No - it is a pure discovery piece. Since developing VIVE!, it has grown beyond leadership development to successfully explore areas such as unconscious bias, deep beliefs and values. As such, it is up to date with the Diversity, Inclusion and Talent agendas and if often used for those purposes.


If you would like to learn more about VIVE! or any of our leadership and management solutions, please send us a message here, email or call us on 01920 485569.


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