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Unconscious Bias E-Learning

Trial our Unconscious Bias E-Learning Programme for 7 days now! Click here.

In one 30-40 minute session, your learners will:

  • Increase their awareness of the concept of Unconscious Bias
  • Recognise bias within themselves
  • Recognise the impact of their personal bias on others
  • Discover practical tools to reduce unconscious bias.

All in one interactive, powerful and entertaining programme.

We aim to make it simple for your organisation to have just the solution it needs. Whether that is training just a small, specific group on a licence basis, or an entire global organisation. Options include:

PDT Version

Our acclaimed, global unconscious bias e-learning accessible per licence or to buy outright for use on your own LMS system.

Corporate Branded Version

The e-learning is branded for your organisation (various other tailoring options in terms of language and images are available).

New modules and exercise changes are also available.

Bespoke E-learning

Use our knowledge to develop a totally bespoke e-learning specifically designed for your organisation.

Terminology, language, exercises, case studies and scenarios can all be designed to closely reflect the culture of your organisation and the challenges you wish to address.

A client from within the global financial services industry recently won an award for an Inclusion programme which featured a blend of our Unconscious Bias webinars and a bespoke e-learning course.

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