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Gender Balance

'VIVE!' is an award-winning programme designed for organisations seeking to increase or alter their gender balance and promote women leadership development.

As a training programme for professionals, it equips delegates with self-awareness and an understanding of gender differences, both of which are vital when nurturing collaboration in the workplace.

It also explores the issues around both men and women and leadership, such as authenticity. At the core of 'VIVE!' lies exploration of self-perceptions and reflection; how others perceive us, the way in which we perceive others and the impact on both our own development and organisational benefits.

Here at The People Development Team, we understand that promoting gender balance and gender inclusion requires a multi-layered methodology, with every situation requiring a unique approach. That's why 'VIVE!' can be provided to single- or mixed-gender groups - and each option has its own distinct benefits for understanding and reinforcing the programme's overlying message of gender balance.

Female Development - women and leadership

Each element of the 'VIVE!' discovery process is tailored for the specific needs of the women in your organisation. Run for both the emerging talent and at an advanced level for senior women, 'VIVE!' takes the delegates on a journey of discovery in direct relation to the leadership role they have in their working environment.

It also addresses the potential barriers at each level, particularly in relation to women and leadership, while giving practical and sustaining solutions that can be applied in the workplace and in other aspects of each woman's life.

'VIVE!' for women translates globally, and the experience of learning and sharing in an all-female environment cannot be underestimated. This is especially true when the programme is delivered to mixed cultural groups, as the all-female environment often engenders a deeper exploration of women leadership development, and on a much broader scale.

Male Development - gender balance

'VIVE!' can offer an equally compelling discovery process in an all-male environment, but with many of the learning debates taking a distinctly different course.

We often work with male groups that have buried their behavioural and/or cultural preferences in order to appear homogeneous. This may have been essential to success in the past but in our ever-changing environment, 'VIVE!' offers these men the opportunity to discover more about themselves and gain practical pragmatic techniques, enhancing their careers and their leadership practice.

True Balance - leadership programmes for mixed groups

This mixed group version of 'VIVE!' offers the opportunity for mixed groups to explore their approach to gender balance. It enables an introspective look at how many of their own 'unwritten rules' may be inadvertently preventing true balance across their teams and their leadership practice.

We encourage debate in single-gender sub groups throughout the programme, which lead into mixed group plenary sessions. This enables our facilitator's expertise to bring the two perspectives together to both appreciate difference and to recognise homogeny, empowering these leaders to have a heightened self-awareness and application.

Who would benefit from this programme?

The 'VIVE!' syllabus is flexible and works at all levels. It can be run for specific teams, and customised to suit their specific requirements when it comes to women leadership development and gender balance.

By exploring vulnerability, the delegates find themselves instantly challenged by the beliefs they may have held fast around strength, power and decision-making. We know that more diverse teams make better decisions and by embracing fundamental differences every team, whatever its gender make-up, can celebrate diversity.

The programme's success can be measured by the number of senior promotions arising from delegate groups when tracked over of time.

Why choose us?

With over 15 years of experience, the People Development Team specialises in promoting inclusion and diversity, as well as women leadership development and gender balance. Our interactive programmes work at both a belief and behavioural level and our facilitators work hard to understand the environments our delegates work in.

Each 'VIVE!' session delivers powerful learning for the delegates, and often for the organisation. As testament to our dedication, as well as the quality and effectiveness of our courses, post-programme evaluation scores are consistently above 96%.

How is this programme delivered?

The 'VIVE!' gender balance course is delivered around the world as a two day in-house programme and can be run as a residential retreat or a one-day version is also available. We are also to run this programme virtually for global organisations.

For teams that work on a remote or global basis, the People Development Team has a successful track record of delivering gender balance e-learning solutions. These comprise strategic and behavioural management training over web-based platforms, such as WebEx, and the programme is offered as six x 2-hour sessions.

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