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Inclusion, Diversity and Unconscious Bias Train the Trainer

Your trainers and coaches are essential in making a difference to organisation’s inclusiveness within the unconscious bias domain.

PDT is happy to share our expertise in this area and provide a modular Train the Trainer programme enabling your internal trainers to design and deliver effective workshops. The programme is ideal for organisations embarking on global change programmes, and also appropriate for those seeking to embed unconscious bias awareness in existing leadership and development programmes.

Individual modules can be selected to suit the competency and skill set of your internal trainers and include:

Module 1 - Unconscious Bias in Depth Programme – one day

Your trainers require robust, in-depth knowledge of unconscious bias in order to not only deliver a successful unconscious bias programme but to be able to answer any questions raised and manage any sensitive topics broached as part of the facilitation. As such this intensive one day module including pre- and post- development will address:

  • Prevalence and nature of bias;
  • The bias continuum;
  • Anecdotes and examples that demonstrate bias in real life situations;
  • The delegates’ own experience of bias and how it can be used to illustrate bias in future training;
  • The business case for unconscious bias reduction and its value in behaviour change;
  • The experience of being subject to bias;
  • Individual and organisational bias reduction.

Each of these aspects will be accompanied by the challenges that learners may raise as well as related responses.

Module 2 - Training Skills—Refresher Workshop – one to two days

This module offers participants a great refresher or introduction to training. This includes practical tools and techniques required for creating and delivering unconscious bias training that can induce a change within your organisation. We can also offer accreditation or endorsement from an internationally recognised awarding body and we can totally tailor the course to the competency levels of the delegates.

Module 3 - Workshop Design – one day

Training programmes are most effective when created specifically for an organisation, culture and department. As such this module combines our experience in unconscious bias with your internal knowledge; our trainers work with the delegates to design a programme that meets your requirements, including:

  • Objectives;
  • Delivery method;
  • Programme length;
  • Organisational culture and application;
  • Target population.

Module 4 - Strategic Approaches and Senior Team Modules – one day

Senior teams often require a more strategic and more profound approach to inclusion training. As such, this module will enable delegates to design bespoke programmes for high-level individuals that include working with PDT psychologists and exploring how group bias can effect strategic decisions. Further exploration into the areas of retention, talent management, engagement and business development will also enable delegates to design programmes specific to these areas.

Module 5 - Practical Application – one day

At this point in the programme, delegates are armed with the information and design skills to develop a bespoke unconscious bias programme, and Module 5 ensures that these abilities come together to deliver a complete programme. Delegates are given the opportunity to deliver a two hour module to a group using materials they have designed. Specialist trainers will be among the group and will support delegates post-delivery with individual feedback sessions. Accreditation can also be provided.

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