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Inclusive HR

Our global work in bias reduction has demonstrated that significant Inclusion changes can be accelerated if the Human Resource community are able to support these changes across the organisation. This support is enhanced by an intrinsic understanding of unconscious bias, enabling HR member to support managers in dealing with sensitive, challenging and possibly intangible situations.

These Masterclass style workshops are designed with elements of a train the trainer programme at their core. This provides the delegates with the skills required to have robust dialogue about inclusion and unconscious bias both with the HR team and throughout the organisation. Embedded within this approach is a clear explanation of the link between organisational success, inclusion and engaging thus allowing HR to both drive and support your inclusion strategy.

What is included in our inclusive HR programmes?

Our programmes include:-

  • Increased understanding of the powerful impact that great HR practice can bring in moving your organisational focus from diversity to inclusion
  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of unconscious bias including the science behind it, self exploration, and impact upon HR general and specific practice
  • Recognition as to how the subject’s own bias has impacted upon past decisions
  • Apply this learning directly to your own aspects of HR
  • Practical tools for unconscious bias reduction
  • Discover a supportive dialogue technique that will challenge bias at any level and develop own language and application around it
  • Learn about advanced bias issues that can effect HR practitioners directly
  • Create a bias reduction action plan

Who would benefit from this programme?

HR Managers, HRBPs, generalists and specialists; this programme can be designed for specific groups and is also suitable for mixed specialism’s who learn from, and are challenged by each other. Having mutli-level teams learning together is especially powerful.

Why choose us?

Our extensive knowledge in the area of bias and inclusion has enabled us to develop this inspiring programme. We have a profound belief that the HR teams are a “golden thread” that can ensure an inclusive culture is achieved.

How is this programme delivered?

This solution is delivered   globally, as a one day in-house master class and can be tailored to each organisation’s needs and circumstances.  We can offer a shorter half day version dependent upon existing knowledge. The People Development Team has a successful track record of delivering strategic and behavioural management training over web-based platforms, such as WebEx to better suit remote or global teams.

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