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Inclusive Talent Management

All talent management processes carry bias, whether you're hiring from outside the organisation, lateral hiring within the company or as part of the internal promotion boards.

Issues such as who you know, networks, promoting in the same image and wanting a team fit can often interfere with the talent recruitment process. This, combined with the latest theories on intersectional and benevolent bias, means it's not surprising that promotional prospects can dwindle for some groups as they climb the ladder.

Here at the People Development Team, we offer training programmes specifically designed to help link talent management to inclusion, while encouraging an awareness of both hidden and explicit bias. This can be instrumental in helping to bring a whole new dimension to talent management in your organisation, thus creating a broad and diverse pipeline of true talent.

What is included in our inclusive talent programme?

  • Understanding how great talent practice can move an organisation from simply having intentions of diversity to maintaining a truly inclusive culture;
  • Developing a deep understanding of unconscious bias including the science, self exploration and practical tools for reduction;
  • Discovering a supportive dialogue technique that will challenge bias at any level;
  • Completing a talent bias analysis on the organisation's current process;
  • Producing a set of recommendations for reducing bias in the talent management process.

The two day programme goes further, adding:

  • A deep exploration of the delegates' own approach to vulnerability, self awareness, variation and difference;
  • Inclusive language and micro-linguistics - how our language can induce exclusion;
  • Tools to challenge self and others in order to create an inclusive culture.

Who would benefit from this programme?

Our inclusive talent programmes are ideal for talent teams at any level, such as HR professionals and anyone who sits on promotion panels.

The course explores the potential effects of unconscious bias, how it could affect decision-making and how to address the issue at every level. It also demonstrates to delegates the situations in which unconscious bias is most likely to impact decision making and how they can leverage greater internal change.

This learning can then be transferred to future process analysis and design, thereby helping to reduce the opportunity for bias interference.

If you are truly looking to take positive steps toward improving inclusion in your firm, these workshops will be key.

Why choose us?

Our talent management programmes have improved the practice of promotion in a range of situations - from nomination stages through to vote meetings in collegiate selection and final panels.

With more than 15 years of experience in promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace, the experts at the People Development team can work across most models, and have great knowledge of bias at every level. What's more, we focus on providing sustainable solutions, so that your talent practitioners can carry on improving inclusion and diversity in the organisation long after we have left.

How is this programme delivered?

The inclusive talent management programme can be delivered in locations around the world as part of a one or two day in-house workshop tailored to each organisation's needs and circumstances.

In addition, the People Development Team has a successful track record of delivering strategic and behavioural management training as an e-learning module. We use web-based platforms, such as WebEx, to better suit remote or global teams. Independent analysis and consultancy services can also be provided in regards to virtual learning options.

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