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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Founded in 1998, the People Development Team delivers award-winning development and training solutions to our client base, UK-wide and overseas.

Our range of services spans leadership development and coaching through to senior leadership qualifications and we are able to offer a complete development, delivery and follow-up service including training needs analysis, organisational needs analysis, evaluation, post-implementation support, action learning facilitation and mentoring.

We work in partnership with our clients to design and deliver programmes that support their strategic objectives and everything that we do is intended to net tangible returns in the form of increased motivation, engagement and business results.

This approach is encapsulated in our vision:

Our aim is to make organisations, teams and individuals the best they can be, through the delivery of outstanding leadership and management development.

To do this we will:

  • Work in partnership with our clients to provide innovative, pragmatic and energetic solutions;
  • Provide individuals with a challenging yet supportive environment where they can learn and then apply their learning to improve performance;
  • Provide our employees with an environment that allows everyone to excel in what they do;
  • Ensure that the Board has the capability to continually direct the business forward in line with our vision;
  • Work with accreditation bodies to promote best practice and to recognise achievement.

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