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The choice of solutions within the field of inclusion is vast, and with resources and investment often being constrained, it is crucial that any intervention implemented is truly suited to your organisation’s specific challenges and culture, enabling maximum impact.

Each of our consultancy initiatives is tailored to suit your organisations’ goals and objectives; providing you with everything from organisational data and statistics to employee experiences of bias and perceptions of the inclusivity of the culture.

These methods include:

  • Organisational research including audits and analysis of existing data;
  • Discovery interviews with key stake holders such as Talent Managers;
  • Focus groups with target or sample populations.

We combine this variety of quantitative and qualitative assessment methods with our experience as inclusion, strategic development and change specialists, to provide practical recommendations for the inclusivity of your organisation. The recommendations will be generated within a report and will include aspects such as:

  • Re-occurring themes and experiences;
  • Internal communication approaches;
  • Areas for further investigation;
  • Training solutions.

Our consultants work globally and offer in-depth specialisms among them: gender balance, LGBT, race, disability, social mobility and region specific challenges enabling us to provide you with the skills and guidance required for your specific inclusion challenge.

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