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An inclusive and diverse workforce can have a positive impact in an organisation. But all too often, efforts to improve inclusion and diversity fail due to the unconscious bias that inherently exists in all of us.

In order to bring unconscious bias to the forefront of our thoughts - thereby decreasing its effects on the choices we make every day - the People Development Team has assembled a series of tools and interventions that not only deal with diversity in the broader context, but also more specifically in terms of inclusion and engagement of staff within multicultural and global organisations.

These tools - which are available for talent management teams, as well as staff from all levels within an organisation - will assist in creating a lasting change to the corporate culture and thus empower existing diversity and gender balance projects to make a positive and effective difference.

Why choose us?

Uncovering unconscious bias is a delicate process. Our inclusion team includes psychologists and inclusion experts who have worked closely with organisations in locations around the world. They have gained a real understanding of the specific challenges that can be found across sectors, organisational sizes and geographical remits.

With more than 15 years of experience, we have built a team of trainers, coaches and consultants who have worked in every part of our clients' organisations - from the shop floor right through to the boardroom.

They are skilled in accelerated learning, action learning sets, web-based delivery and ensuring the transfer of learning, so that the lessons learned continue long after the course is completed.

Our coaches have varied backgrounds; most are psychologists with specialist areas such as transaction analysis (TA) and cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC), and are located globally.

How are these programmes delivered?

We work in partnership with clients to design tailored interventions to support their strategic inclusion objectives whilst achieving tangible returns in the form of increased motivation, engagement, corporate cohesion and business results.

It is our goal to help clients achieve the culture change needed to ensure their inclusion and diversity strategies and policies are effective. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Leadership training modules which have hidden bias at their core;
  • Audits, both conscious and unconscious;
  • Conference presentations;
  • E-learning and web-based learning - ideal for remote teams;
  • Bias indicators;
  • Coaching and feedback;
  • Critical staffing development;
  • Senior team interventions.

In addition to our unconscious bias programmes, the People Development Team also offers 'VIVE!', which deals with topics such as gender balance, women in leadership and true inclusion.

For more information about any of our courses, including in-house instruction, external modules, coaching or virtual training on inclusion, please call us on or


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