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About Us

To succeed in today’s competitive environment a business needs to ensure a constant stream of new innovative ideas which only comes from a diverse group of employees matching that of its customers.

However, setting diversity targets alone does not work and it is only by having a culture free of unconscious bias that will encourage diverse opinions, creativity, collaboration and risk-taking.

Our work across the globe helps organisations build inclusive cultures by recognising and managing hidden bias through a combination of educating, training and leading across the business. The areas we have found really make a difference include:

We have a wide range of face to face and virtual (both e-learning and advanced webinar techniques) training programmes for all levels helping to create climates where inclusion is paramount. Ensuring all groups of employees feel empowered and valued just for being themselves; boosting performance, productivity and long term retention.

To be successful in the 21st Century organisations have to be global in both thoughts and action. To become truly collaborative, truly open to new ideas and difference will take a shift in how managers see themselves and by allowing everyone to be themselves, regardless of how different these opinions might be.

“Inclusion infiltrates the culture, the leadership and the way we behave. You can bring the most diverse group of people to the table that you wish, but if what goes on around them is toxic they will not perform at their best and they will remove their passion, their ideas and often their wisdom. In short, their brains and commitment checks out long before their bodies do, but trust me, their bodies do leave.” Angela Peacock. Chair PDT.

Our expertise is broad and covers private and public sectors. We have an excellent reputation within Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Law, Manufacturing and many other areas. To protect the confidentiality of our clients we have chosen not to share case studies or logos of the many global businesses that we work with however, are happy to talk to through similar business issues, solutions and provide testimonials as required.

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